so after a embarassing long time i finished this doodle of Levi :D

gosh do you think so too that he’s sexy when he smokes >///<

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another picture inspired by the fanfiction “audacity” by shoi. (i hope you don’t mind q.q)

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i am sorry for being inactive for such a long time but i was really busy q.q

here is some doodle of erwin, inspired from shois beautiful ff audacity.
(perhaps there will be more, because her work inspired me a lot)

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i am sorry for not posting anything during the weeks, but i am not at home at the moment and i am without laptop and tablet q.q
(can’t wait to come home)
i doodled some merman levi because i was bored during break :D (i will edit it on laptop later)

(omg everything looks better in original or directly from the laptop. i am sorry for the quality)

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doodled some barkeeper!Levi from an AU where he is doing this as a part time job every night.
Erwin visits him often and Levi get pissed and annoyed about Erwins behavior for him but after some time the two of them start to get along~

(Levi is so fascinated from Erwin and his gentle behavior after Erwin visited the bar for some time, that he secretly named a drink after Erwin ^///^)

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oh my…  *^*
My head is filled with so many ideas to draw thanks to some ff’s and some discussions with my girl~

I am so excited i don’t know where to start °o°

THANK YOU FOR 70+ followers <3 

(I can imagine Eren sneaking up on Levi sometimes in the evening and give him a good night kiss~)

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something i’m currently working on for colouring practise~
it felt like ages that i haven’t shaded and full coloured my pictures (°.°)

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And here is Eren in his zodiac version (Aries)
I probably going to make a zodiacAU for Capricorn!Levi and Aries!Eren~

a quick doodle i’ve done in the morning before heading to work…
(gosh i’ve got nothing better to do in my life xD)

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